Olympus DVD/CD Publishers/Duplicators

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The Olympus is a fully self-contained DVD/CD Publisher/Duplicator with it's own PC built inside. The system comes with the pre-installed PoINT Publisher (Networking) software.

NEW - Browser-Based Client Application - web clients can start production jobs with the help of a browser. This way, the jobs can be sent to the server – via the internet – and the production status can also be controlled. The web client does not need to be installed and is operating system independent. Consequently an automated and centralized production of media on a professional production system is now also possible for Mac and UNIX users.

DVD/CD standard and Blu-Ray/DVD/CD optional

Call for special below market pricing!

2, 4, or 7 Recorders  DVD / CD
  • Optional Blu-Ray/ DVD/CD Recorders
            Call for pricing
  • 420 to 900 Discs Autoloaded  
  • 3 Printer Choices
    1. SpeedJet Pro
     HP,  color inkjet 4800 dpi uses standard HP cartridges.

    2. Pro III - Monochrome Thermal Printer
        For simple one color logos & text
        printing. Very fast and cost effective
        printing (a few cents per disc).

        Epson 6 Color Print Engine in
           Endura Jet II Printer lowest cost
           color printer 3 to 5 cents per disc

  • Software upgrade options: 
    Software Development Kit (SDK) Integrate your software with Olympus.
  • Business Card or Mini CD adpater optional - Call for pricing and specs. 
    (software upgrades priced below)   
  • Features
    • Asynchronous duplication and printing: each drive acts independently of each other, meaning that each drive start recording individually when the drive's tray is closed. When finished, DVDs or CDs are loaded to the printer immediately for individual printing.
    • Up to 7 unique jobs can be done simultaneously. A job contains 1 unique data master for duplication and 1 unique label file for printing.
    • The system can be controlled through a computer network, data master and label file can be loaded through the network.
    • Olympus Publisher's software SDK (Software Developer Kit) can be integrated into any environment for customized recording and printing. SDK enables you to collect individual data from any source and record and print it to individual DVD-Rs and CD-Rs.
    • Archive and backup your data
    • DVD/CD duplication with integrated label printing for unattended operation.
    • Mastering of data DVD/CDs and audio CDs
    • DVD/CD production from pre-defined images including DDP (Disc Description Protocol)
    • On-Demand publishing with customized label printing

Built in PC with (2) 250GB hard drive for the 2 drive systems, 4 drive systems include two 160GB HDDs, 7 Drive Systems include  two 250GB HDDs for storage plus a 250GB HDD for the operating system.

  • Support Options Include:
  • Onsite Installation and training
  • 48 hour onsite support and repair (hardware)
  • Various Software support including SDK
  • Standard Warranty includes 3 years for the robotic mechanism
  • Extended Warranty for 2nd/3rd Year for the entire system must be purchased at time of system purchase
  • Quick Change Warranty of Entire System 48 hours
  • Call or email  for quote with below market pricing or other configurations not shown, extended warranties and other support options.

Olympus Configuration choices

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